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Organise and sort your team
Organise and sort your team
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Sort Team

You can change the order that your team is listed and organise them in the way you like. This is the order you will see your team in wherever they are listed throughout the app.

  1. Click on the 'MENU' in the bottom right.

  2. Click on Team.

  3. Click on (Sort) top right .

Add dividers

Dividers are designed to help you have a better view of your team and the positions they work in. For example, you can set up dividers as: 'Bar', 'Service', 'Kitchen' and sort the employees working in those position under each category. This will be helpful when creating a schedule as your employees will be grouped together.

  1. Setting up your Dividers:

  2. Click on 'MENU' in the bottom right.

  3. Click on Team.

  4. Click on (Sort) top right.

  5. Click 'Add group divider'

  6. Enter your divider's name, i.e 'Front of the house'

  7. Click 'Add'

  8. Arrange your employees under the dividers.

  9. Click 'Done'

You can arrange your dividers and team by holding and pressing on the divider or the employee you wish to move, and dragging and dropping accordingly.

Watch a How To video on sorting your staff here:

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