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Using the Task Management feature, you can create task lists and assign them to your team to make sure everything gets done on time.

To create a task, go to the ‘Tasks’ tab at the bottom of the screen and then click on the ➕ symbol in the bottom right corner.

Enter a title for your task list and then click on the ➕ symbol next to ‘Add new task’ to input the related tasks.

Tasks can be assigned based on employees’ roles or to specific employees. You can also choose to make your task list recurring on a weekly basis or make it a one-off task. You can then input the dates and times by which the task should be completed.

There are two notification toggles you can switch on or off: one that sends employees a notification when the task starts, and one that sends a notification before the deadline for the task to be completed. You can select how many minutes before the deadline you want the notification sent. Finally, you can choose to have these notifications sent to all employees that have been assigned to the task or just to the ones working on the day the task must be completed.

Watch a How To video on creating tasks here:

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