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Assign tasks and send notifications
Assign tasks and send notifications
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There are two ways to assign tasks to employees.

The first way is to assign it based on role, such as Manager or Cashier. This will assign the task to all employees with that role.

The second way is to assign it to specific employees, regardless of role. You can assign it to as many employees as you want.

Toward the bottom of the screen, you can turn on or off the toggles for start-time and deadline notifications. The start-time notification will be sent at the time the task starts and the deadline notification will be sent before the deadline. You can choose how long before the deadline by selecting a time from the ‘Minutes before’ menu.

Finally, you can modify which employees receive the notification. The notification can be sent to all employees that have been assigned to the task, or just to the ones working on the day the task must be completed.

Watch a How To video on assigning tasks and sending notifications here:

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