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Different ways to view your schedule
Different ways to view your schedule
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There are three different ways you can see your schedule, each providing a different view of it so you can select which to use in different contexts. The three views are:

  1. Schedule view

  2. Employee view

  3. Day view

Schedule view

Enter schedule view by clicking on ‘View schedule’ in the dashboard.

Schedule view can be used to see an overview of an entire week broken down by shifts. You can see which employees are covering each shift and make changes based on your venue’s needs.

Employee view

Enter employee view by clicking on the 👤 button in the top left corner of the schedule view.

This allows you to see the schedule for the week broken down by employee. This is useful for seeing how many hours each employee is working that week and the cost of their labour for each shift. You can use this view to determine if an employee is overwhelmed with too many shifts or if they have the capacity to take on more.

At the bottom of employee view, you can also see calculations of the hours worked, labour cost, sales, and labour cost percentage for the week.

Day view

Enter day view by clicking on the desired day from the schedule view.

Day view provides a detailed overview of the day’s schedule. You can use this view to easily make changes to shift times by dragging them left and right. Day view can also be used to see how employee schedules compare and how many people you have working at once.

Watch a How To video on different ways to view your schedule here:

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